(mosquito colony daytime biting)

“But if you’re keeping count
you will see it’s not the apple,
it’s the tree, it’s rotten underneath”
– Blue Scholars “Oskar Barnack Oscar Grant”

United we drown inside the meme
Marvel in terror,
you’d rather have a fascist order you to die

Orange is the new red scare
it’s getting so there is no way to deny

fashion shits fashion style

you wanna keep it isolated
so you don’t have to say
it’s a pattern, don’t have
to say it’s systemic

you say it’s gross, you say
That man wouldn’t want this
Not in his name.

Cash for gold
Cash for guns
We are the tone police, snowflake.

Columbus is in the river anyway.

Heed the warning this time
Because this is the last time
The last chance


& i’m sorry i never learned how to play the trumpet
i’m sorry i was just a scream in an emergency room 10 years too soon
you reduced me to a clapboard sign saying the end is nigh
Well honey i never meant a biblical end & some fates are worse than death

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